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Santorini Wedding Venues

 Dear brides,

We at Marryme in Greece assist you to find the best wedding ceremony and reception venues in Santorini or other Greek islands.  Our wedding planners will help you find the best venue, that suits to your needs, taking into consideration your dreams for a Santorini wedding as well as the money willing to spend for your wedding. Whether you are dreaming a wedding in  a traditional chapel yard with the caldera view  as  your backdrop or  a romantic winery with amazing views,  or a hotel yard overlooking the caldera or a traditional boat or a catamaran wedding, we are here to make it happen. We will sent you all information necessary for  Santorini venues and will book and confirm the ideal and perfect venue for your wedding in Santorini or any other Greek Island. Santorini is also famous for its beach weddings in lovely beach. bars

Marryme in Greece – Santorini wedding venues – selections of wedding locations are

a.       An amazing romantic view church yard overlooking the volcano

b.      Traditional winery overlooking the caldera

c.       Hotel yard wedding overlooking the caldera (various locations available)

d.      Traditional boat wedding

e.       Catamaran wedding

f.       Black sand beach wedding

g.      Oia wedding hotel wedding

h.      Villa wedding overlooking the caldera

i.        Wind mill wedding

These are the most popular locations in Santorini. But certainly there are more alternatives that we could suggest. You can ask us for more information either via email  at [email protected] or we can set a skype appointment to discuss further your wedding in Santorini.



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