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Marry me in Greece, is a wedding and event  planning company, which specializes in romantic weddings in spectacular locations across Greece. Quality is our main concern, and working hand in hand with you, we design the wedding of your dreams.  We act as an expert consulting wedding service, which assists couples to organize any kind of wedding ceremony, they wish and celebrate the most beautiful day of their lives with their loved ones. With our preset civil wedding packages or the tailor made ones for Greek Orthodox , Catholic, Jewish, Hindu weddings or Symbolic weddings, we try to fulfill your  needs for a wedding in Greece, while keeping you within your budget. We work together with our couples and we arrange all the aspects and details of your wedding – from the legalities and paperwork to selecting the wedding venue, reception venue and organizing any additional services you may need such as flower, music, photography, video, make up, hairdresser,  fireworks, care of the elderly, accommodation and transfers.

Whichever type of wedding  ceremony you choose, our reliable and experienced coordinators will be by your side to ensure that everything goes as planned and make sure that  your wedding in Greece is a wonderful unforgettable experience.

Marryme in Greece specializes in weddings in the islands of  Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete,  Skopelos, Skiathos, Lesvos, Chios and the mainland locations of Athens, Porto Heli and the medieval castle of Monemvasia areas famed for their romantic sunsets, stunning scenery, and rich in culture and history. Our dedicated wedding planners will give you advise for your destination Greek islands wedding and especially for Santorini , you can check our Santorini wedding packages at the following link:http://www.marryme.com.gr/marryme/package/santorini_weddings_santa_irene_santorini


My colleagues and I are a team of hotel professionals whose efforts, knowledge and experience have combined to form Marry me - a boutique events-planning firm that specializes in distinctive, memorable celebrations. Our wedding palnners are dedicated to arranging unforgettable weddings for couples seeking a destination with a charm that only Greece can offer. You will stick with us as anything you want can be done as our promise is to make your dream to become true.Our pride is to have the happiest brides.

Our specialty is to plan, design and  dream an entire new event design for each wedding, wedding aniversary or proposal or any exclusive social events such as birthdays,baprtims in Santorini and the rest of the Greek islands.
Especially Santorini it is considered to be the most romantic and stunning island of all. Your wedding with us in santorini or the Greek islands  will be a unique and special as each wedding is designed from the begining. Our wedding planners will help you shape your own personal wedding package in Santorini or any other of teh Greek islands.No one  is the same!!!


We are delighted to be helping you plan your wedding in Santorini and the Greek islands , and thank you for entrusting us with your special day.

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