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I cannot describe how pleased I am with the services that Olympia, and the rest of their team provided my husband, Greg and I for our wedding in MAY2015. Our situation was a bit more difficult as Greg and I work and live in Afghanistan. That being said, we had to get all of our paperwork sent back to the states and taken to various legal offices in order to be used officially in Greece. Needless to say, Olympia made this process very smooth. She was able to answer all of our inquiries fully and provided us with the best coarse of actions. Without Olympia, it would of been impossible for us to be married in Greece!!! Upon arrival in Greece Olympia  made contact with us to make sure we arrived safely and to discuss some matters prior to meeting each other. During our meeting, Olympia and her team were extremely kind and a pleasure to speak and work with. They had all the answers ready for us and offered up suggestions that turned out to work wonderfully. They were able to suggest flowers, hairstyles, makeup, dinner, cupcakes (!), photography locations, etc. As a bride who coordinated all of the wedding functions, makeup, hair and everything else from Afghanistan, I was able to relax and enjoy the experience. Olympia and her team showed up to the hotel on the morning of the wedding ready to encounter all problems; luckily we had none! I did not have any makeup trials or hair trials prior to our wedding day, but the team knew exactly what to do based off my verbal descriptions. Yiannas the photographer was just as pleasurable and very professional. I barely noticed him taken our pictures which turned out to be amazing. During the ceremony, the whole team was there, which was nice as we had a civil ceremony with just my husband and one close friend. I felt very comforted during the ceremony. All and all, the lead up, during and post ceremony, everything was better than could of possible been expected or planned. I thank you Olympia , Yiannis and the whole team of Marryme in Greece for your attention to detail and helping me marry my loving husband. I will suggest your services to any and everyone looking to get married in Greece! ---- Lauren (and Greg).


Olympia was  wonderful. We wanted something simple and they went beyond our expectations. Olympia always responded to my emails and was there for Skype and phone calls. There were times I emailed her very late at night and she still responded. She always answered my questions and eased me of any concerns. Olympia was very polite and gracious. Even after a nasty fall, hurting her hand, she continued on. She was ok, but I mention this as it shows that her dedication to us was her priority. The photographers they chose for us were an amazing duo. They were professional and went beyond our expectations. I'm thankful for her and her team and will recommend them to friends in future.

Our symbolic wedding in Athens was just faboulous.

Twyler Bynum

We were very pleased for choosing Marryme in Greece for our lovely intimate wedding in Santorini, Greece. We have been dreaming about visiting Greece for 2 years and finally we made it this year and we had the most lovely wedding and honeymoon anyone can ever dream of. The Team were amazing, i've been in contact with them for 2 years, asking them questions and getting more familiar with Santorini...They answered all my questions perfectly. We wanted a small intimate and elegant wedding with blue and white theme and that is exactly what we had. Marryme Team including the wedding planner, coordinator, Hair and Makeup artist, photographer and the driver were all just amazing and they did their jobs in an amazing way and they left us very satisfied. I highly recommend this company. Thank you all for your efforts and your highly professional service.

Sarine & Paul

Olympia and her team helped create an absolutely perfect wedding for us in Santorini. From beginning to end communication was easy and she was always available to Skype when needed. When we arrived in Santorini everything had already been arranged exactly as we had expected, making the arrival in Greece stress free and allowed us to be able to enjoy the day with our family. Our coordinator in Santorini, was absolutely wonderful! We couldn't imagine a better destination wedding experience!

Michael and Erin

Dear Olympia   Thank you very much for your thoughtful and sensitive planning of our wedding We really appreciated all your positive input and valued the experience your brought. You were essential in letting us know how things worked in Santorini and how to navigate our way through It was a wonderful wedding. Warmest regards, Binta and Dele   


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