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Wedding ceremony and reception venues in Skopelos

Choosing Skopelos island for your destination wedding in Greece  is an extraordinary decision. The small island offers spectacular traditional churches, unspeakable views to Aegean sea, and quiet and calm beaches which will add magical ambience to your Skopelos wedding. Skopelos is the island were Mama Mia film took place. Weddings in Skopelos can take place in various locations such as Agios Yiannis chapel, idyllic beaches and several other locations (with the municipal approval) with an extra charge.

For your Skopelos wedding reception you have the choice to choose from a traditional local taverna, a beautiful hotel or a trendy restaurant. For a Mama Mia wedding choose Skopelos island and allow Marryme in Greece to design this wedding for you.

Skopelos civil ceremony wedding in Skopelos town  hall
Skopelos civil wedding in sandy beach of Agnontas or Limonari
Skopelos Mama Mia wedding at  Agios Yiannis chapel (base of the rock)

Skopelos hotel civil or orthodox wedding
Skopelos Episkopi wedding
Skopelos Saint Barbara (Agia Barbara) wedding
Skopelos Peripathos wedding
Orthodox wedding ceremony  in various churches and chapels
Symbolic wedding or Renewal of Vows in a beautiful sandy beach

Symbolic wedding and reneal if vows can be held in a hotel pool, in a chapel yard, a private yacht or a luxury villa

For more information or a quotation  please contact us at  [email protected] or call us at 011-693-1123014. For an exclusive or luxury  wedding in Skopelos  please let us know your budget   and we will get back to you with more information, ideas and the costs for a romantic Skopelos wedding.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Skopelos Skopelos town hall wedding - Get maried in a traditional town hall building nicely located by the sea water. - You can have a wedding reception afterwards in a local Skopelos taverna, which is walking distance

skopelos town hall civil  wedding

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Beach Beach civil wedding in Skopelos Greece. In both beaches there are traditional Greek tavernas, where we can book your wedding reception and design your wedding reception venue for you. Romantic, ambient and cozy wedding receptions are our speciality in those places.

civil beach wedding in Skopeloscivil beach wedding in greece

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Skopelos Skopelos hotel weddings

Civil wedding ceremonies can be held in various hotels. For those which have a Greek Orthodox chapel within the hotel premises, Greek Orthodox weddings can be held.

wedding in skopelosweddings in GreeceGreek orhodox wedding in Skopelos

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Skopelos Skopelos - Mama Mia wedding- Agios Ioannis (Agios Yiannis chapel)

Civil Mama Mia weddings are performed at the base of the rock - and afterwards you can take have the photo shots on top of the rock.
Orthodox weddings can be held in the chapel. This is the place where the famous film took place
wedding in skopelosMama mia wedding - Agioa Ioannis SkopelosMama Mia wedding Skopelos


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