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My husband and I were thrilled to have trusted Olympia with planning our Santorini wedding in August 2018 at Santo Wines and Pyrgos. Planning a wedding having never visited the venue or even the island for that matter can be incredibly scary, but Olympia took this stress away and we can't thank her enough for organising a day more perfect than we could have ever imagined!

Emma Kemmery

We are so happy with our amazing wedding day in Santorini this September 2018. Olympia has done a great job organising the wedding, which would have been impossible without her! We had around 9 months to plan a symbolic ceremony in Santorini from our base in England, and Olympia was able to put the whole thing together expertly. We met with her assistant  in Santorini and he was so helpful and generous with his time. He drove us to several different venues, giving his honest opinion and in the end, we could not be happier with our choice of venue! Olympia's assistant  also met with us a few days before the wedding to talk us through the plan. This was very helpful and really helped to calm our nerves. Olympia was our main point of contact via email and Skype. She was very responsive and very accommodating with our wishes. Her connections to vendors meant that everything was sorted and we simply had to tell Olympia what we wanted and she went off and made it happen. Both  Olympia and her assistant  met us on the day of our wedding and handled everything in the background, which left us to enjoy our special day. Thank you so much to Marry Me in Greece, Olympia and her assistant  really are a great combination and excellent value for money! Khristina & Josh

Khristina Kushniruk

If your wish is to have your dream wedding planned with attention to every last detail, I recommend with the highest regard Olympia and her associate Gianni. A year or so in advance the planning began. She was our eyes and ears to places and venues we had never before traveled to before. Olympia had our every wish attended to with attention to detail unimaginable. A three day event in santorini, where she ascertained top of the line florist, musicians, photography, guest accomodations, guest transfers, function venues and everything in between. Her heart and soul is with every bride and family as she captures your dream and makes it reality. We are forever greatful to her, Gianni and the entire staff that make up this wonderful organization. Truly a gifted group whose sole intent is to create an event, specific to you and your needs and to accomplish that with the best of intent. Thank Olympia for all your efforts.

Athena curis

My husband Mike and I were extremely pleased with the services Olympia provided. When we decided to have our wedding in Greece, we knew we needed a professional on the ground to help us navigate all the details of our wedding and we found this with Olympia. First, Olympia was very responsive which immediately put us at ease. She was willing to handle a small service which was another plus and she had a great connection with the local Catholic church in Athens which was key. Olympia helped us to navigate all the paperwork and communication with the priest and I always felt that Olympia took a lot of ownership to see that everything came together as we needed it. In addition to the wedding, Olympia was helpful in suggesting hotels as well as places to visit during the rest of our stay. We are so thankful to have found Olympia, she was everything we needed!

Laura Walker

I cannot describe how pleased I am with the services that Olympia, and the rest of their team provided my husband, Greg and I for our wedding in MAY2015. Our situation was a bit more difficult as Greg and I work and live in Afghanistan. That being said, we had to get all of our paperwork sent back to the states and taken to various legal offices in order to be used officially in Greece. Needless to say, Olympia made this process very smooth. She was able to answer all of our inquiries fully and provided us with the best coarse of actions. Without Olympia, it would of been impossible for us to be married in Greece!!! Upon arrival in Greece Olympia  made contact with us to make sure we arrived safely and to discuss some matters prior to meeting each other. During our meeting, Olympia and her team were extremely kind and a pleasure to speak and work with. They had all the answers ready for us and offered up suggestions that turned out to work wonderfully. They were able to suggest flowers, hairstyles, makeup, dinner, cupcakes (!), photography locations, etc. As a bride who coordinated all of the wedding functions, makeup, hair and everything else from Afghanistan, I was able to relax and enjoy the experience. Olympia and her team showed up to the hotel on the morning of the wedding ready to encounter all problems; luckily we had none! I did not have any makeup trials or hair trials prior to our wedding day, but the team knew exactly what to do based off my verbal descriptions. Yiannas the photographer was just as pleasurable and very professional. I barely noticed him taken our pictures which turned out to be amazing. During the ceremony, the whole team was there, which was nice as we had a civil ceremony with just my husband and one close friend. I felt very comforted during the ceremony. All and all, the lead up, during and post ceremony, everything was better than could of possible been expected or planned. I thank you Olympia , Yiannis and the whole team of Marryme in Greece for your attention to detail and helping me marry my loving husband. I will suggest your services to any and everyone looking to get married in Greece! ---- Lauren (and Greg).


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