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The best! Olympia Giannopoulou is our fairy godmother! ;-) I have always been in love with Greece while growing up so Nafplio was just the perfect place for our wedding. She always made a follow-up on everything from the day we decided to have her as our wedding planner. Nafplio was the best place for me & Morten for an intimate catholic church wedding as we wanted a laid back place for a wedding, vacation and honeymoon. And the beautiful ladies of MarryMe team in Nafplio were so great and very dynamic plus our photographer --they just made our wedding day more beautiful. Thank you soo much! ? ;-)

Susan Salera & Morten Farstad

I can't thank Olympia  enough Olympia for our wedding in Skopelos! She  made our day so beautiful and so special. Without her help we would probably gone crazy just because of the paper work :) Olympia and MARRYME IN GREECE , thank you so much for making our wedding a true fairytale  in skopelos island :)

Anja and Fabio

We just want to say a big thank you to Marryme in Greece and personally to Olympia for the great event she created for us. We recommend her to anyone who wants to have a wedding in Santorini big or small. She designed a fairy tale wedding and everything went so smoothly. Once again thank thank you very much!!!! A&G


Olympia is the best! She is caring, attentive to detail, she truly cares about her customers and their wedding. She has an outstanding taste and knows what exactly to recommend and knows the right people to put you in touch with. She made the whole process so much easier and we knew we were in the right hands. We suggest her to any future bride!!!


Our Lovely Olympia, as we call her, made wedding planning as easy as possible for us with her kind, diligent, and nurturing nature. She has a very creative mind and can easily create the vision the couple has for their wedding and with a budget. She walked us through this process and made it as painless as possible, even though planning a wedding worlds away can be a challenge.  She is very easily accessible by phone and email, and responds diligently and promptly so as to ease concerns that couples inevitably face during this process. We even shopped together for various materials that added to the personal touch of our wedding decor. She literally held our hands through this process and we enjoyed every meeting with her, whether at a local meeting place or in the comfort of her own apartment. These are a few of the reasons why Olympia Giannopoulou has become more like an aunt to us than our wedding planner. Our wedding in Monemvasia was everything we ever imagined for our special day and we owe it to Olympia's tireless enthusiasm to make our fantasy wedding a reality! We recommend her for your wedding in Greece!

Mia & Niko

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